Mine Drilling

The aim of drilling wells in order to collect information about the structure of the underground and underground resources (natural stone, coal, metallic minerals, etc.) and to start production in enterprises is called as mine drilling.

Mining Drillings According to Their Purposes;

1. Exploration Drilling: These are the drillings made with the aim of determining whether the substances (underground natural riches) to be searched exist underground.
2. Development Drilling: These are the drillings made to determine the size of any underground natural wealth that has been located and to determine the distribution area of the substances it contains. These are also called ‘detection wells’.
3. Production Drilling: These are the wells drilled in accordance with a specific plan (as in oil, natural gas, water, sulfur deposits) in order to produce from the bed of which the classes are determined.
4. Auxiliary Drilling: Drillings made with the aim of providing some conditions necessary for the operation of a bed. In the area where the mineral exploration will be carried out, the underground material is brought to the surface with core barrels of different diameters, depending on the depth considered at the points previously determined by geophysical methods. The cores taken as a result of the drilling, which is usually made with the muddy method, are placed in the core boxes and it is determined at which meter which material is extracted and at which meters the searched mine is found.
Mine drilling is a very difficult and demanding work. It is worked with or without a cover depending on the floor structure. The diameter of the core barrel should be reduced as the intended drilling depth increases. As a result of these highly specialized studies, the core percentage should be minimum 80% so that possible reserve determinations can be made with the data obtained from the studies. Our company serves you,our valuable miners, with its expert staff and experience.
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